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My first article is out now! Where this wonderful project started…

Hi Guys! Welcome to my first article! 

I have thought a lot about this moment. I have often imagined it because this is actually the result of a very hard work moved by the passion I have for travelling. A goal achieved but above all a starting point for a new project. The beginning of a long journey together in which I will try to be as useful as possible through my storytelling and my advices.

I have often wondered, where do I start? What could be the subject of my first article? Which trip can be the most suitable to give way to my blog? As I have already told you in my Bio, I have traveled quite a lot despite my young age: France, Spain, Italy, Greece, United States…. but I think the starting point of my blog should be about that place in the world that, despite a negative first impression, stole my heart…. Do you know what destination I’m talking about? “Napul’è”, the city of a thousand colors. 

When you come to the south you cry twice, when you arrive and when you leave.”

Alessandro Siani

This is one of the phrases that is usually used when you talk about a trip to Southern Italy and it’s incredibly true. When your trip is over and you come back home, you really realize the power of that land called, South. These destinations make you feel incredible and authentic feelings … almost unexpected. 

My personal experience in the Southern Italy

Unexpected….like my experience! In this paragraph I would like to tell you about my first time in Naples. It was in 2015 and I was in the middle of a school trip with my high school class. The program of the trip included visiting the Amalfi Coast, with a short stop in the Neapolitan city. That short stop, which consisted of a panoramic tour on a tourist bus, did not allow me to savor the true essence of the city and did not allow me to get in touch with the local population. It goes without saying that my first impression of the city was completely negative, dictated above all by the negative idea that I had due to the thousands of clichés that you hear around.

But the most important thing in life is to try to go beyond the surface and really understand the soul…of a destination. And this is how in April 2018 I returned to Naples for a trip with my friends. It was love at first sight!

For this reason, I decided to return to Naples in May 2019. It will probably be just the beginning of a tradition that I will carry on for a long time.

And that’s why I’m here today…

And that’s why I’m here today … to tell you about my experience, to tell you how a city made me fall in love with it, to tell you what I visited, what I experienced but above all what I tasted !!! In fact, we cannot talk about Naples, without dwelling on the culinary specialties and the many delicious recipes offered in every corner of the city.

Therefore I have decided to create different articles for you in order to talk about different topics that can help you to plan your next trip to Naples and its surroundings.

That’s all for now… See you in my next article, “Napule è mille culure”, describing the best things to see and to do in the Neapolitan city.

I wish you a lovely day.

With love,


My Wanderlust Experience


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