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Naples: what an unexpected an city!

Here we are at my second article of “My Wanderlust Experience”. Before telling you more about my trips to Naples, I would like to introduce you this unexpected city. In my next article, you will find the places I visited and the experiences I lived in order to give you a complete smattering of the city. If you would like to visit the city in the coming months or years, I hope it could be useful to organize your trip without skipping what I call the “MUST“! Hereafter, you can find the three most important elements of this incredible city.

A sun-kissed city overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea

Let’s start with the location of the city. As many of you know, Naples is the regional capital of Campania and it’s considered, by population, the third largest municipality in Italy after Rome and Milan.

The city, thanks to its geographical position, enjoys a Mediterranean climate that allows citizens, but also travelers, to benefit from a relatively mild climate in winter and a hot and dry climate in summer. As you can imagine, Naples is a destination that can be visited without problems throughout the year. If I can advise you, I think that the spring months, especially April and May, are the best period to visit the city and the region. The temperature is pleasant, the sun begins to warm the ground and the rains are rare.

The enigmatic Vesuvius

Even if Naples is known for its many monuments and its many traditions, we cannot talk about this city without mentioning the volcano Vesuvius, which dominates the city and the gulf. This volcano, still active, is considered as one of the most dangerous in the world, due to its explosive characteristic. For this reason it is constantly under scrutiny by scientists. Vesuvius, in addition to being one of the most important symbols of the Neapolitan city, it must be said that it also gives an incredible charm to the Neapolitan landscape. A very interesting detail, is that the Vesuvius National Park is open to the public. There are numerous paths and archaeological areas accessible to visitors. Obviously it is also possible to reach the crater of the volcano !!! An unforgettable and evocative experience ….!

Attento al cornicione! 

If we talk about Naples, we need to focus on Pizza! Margherita or marinara, fried or baked, with a filled or empty cornice …. a thousand ways and a thousand tastes…savored at the table or in “a wallet” in the middle of the street. The Neapolitan pizza has been declared by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage … an excellent achievement that reflects its success throughout the world! During my trips to Naples, I have tasted numerous types of pizza and believe me guys, true Neapolitan pizza is only here! You will find of all types and sizes in every corner of the city, but there is one thing that unifies all of them: the passion with which they are cooked!

«Perciò nun ‘e cercate sti pizze complicate ca fanno male â sacca e ‘o stommaco patì…»

Pizzeria da Michele

Now that we have a general idea of the city, I would like to talk to you about my experience more closely. I will try in a few lines to give you some advices on the following points:

  • Must to see and to do
  • The best restaurants: where to eat local specialties
  • The unmissable experiences to live
  • Where to sleep

To conclude, I will give you my personal travel guide from which you could take inspiration!

With love,


My next article : “The best thing to do & to see in Naples”

My Wanderlust Experience



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